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12/27/11 Congress is coming to Los Alamitos
6/22/11 Medical Tourism: A New Rx For Timely, Affordable Care

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02/20/2016 New Blood Test May Help Physicians Determine Whether A Patient With A Respiratory Illness Is Suffering From A Virus Or Bacterial Infection.CBS News(1/20,Marcus,4.1M) reports that “a new blood test is in the works that could help” physicians determine whether “a patient with a respiratory illness is suffering from a virus or a bacterial infection, or even a non-infectious condition with similar symptoms.”
01/04/2016 US Alcohol Deaths Have Reached A 35-Year High, CDC Finds. The Washington Post (12/23, Ingraham, 7.78M) “Wonkblog” reports that US alcohol deaths have reached a “35-year high.” In 2014, some “30,700 Americans died from alcohol-induced causes, including alcohol poisoning and cirrhosis.”
8/11/2014 Cancers linked to obesity. The BBC News (8/13, Mundasad) reports on a study published in the Lancet that found “being overweight and obese puts people at greater risk of developing 10 of the most common cancers,” to the degree that “extra weight could contribute to more than 12,000 cases of cancer in the UK population every year.” The study was based on “data on five million people living in the UK…over a period of seven years.”
7/14/2014 Lack of exercise, rather than overeating, may be fueling America’s obesity epidemic. The Los Angeles Times (7/9, Netburn) “Science Now” blog reports that research published in the American Journal of Medicine “suggests that under-exercising, rather than overeating, may be at the heart of America’s obesity epidemic,” with the data indicating “a strong correlation between the rise in obesity and a striking drop in the amount of time Americans spend exercising when not at work over the last 22 years.”
6/30/2014 Different forms of vitamin E linked to ositive, negative effects on lungs. The New York Times (5/29, O’Connor) reports that a study published in the journal Respiratory Research may help explain the conflicting results of research into the health effects of vitamin E.
6/2/2014 Study Firefighters may be at higher risk for certain types of cancer. A KING-TV article carried by USA Today (5/21) reports that, according to a recent study by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, firefighters “have higher rates of cancer than the rest of us.”

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